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Winter Is Coming- Don't Worry, You're Covered!

Winter can be a trying time for even those who are blessed with close to perfect skin. It's that time of the year where your skin requires some TLC and good dose of pampering. Although it may not be the most convenient, the good news is that small changes can go a long way to keeping hail and hearty-

1. Steamy And Hot? NOT Sexy For The Skin!

While the temperatures outside are dipping, a hot and steamy shower may seem like a very inviting idea. This however is bad news for your skin, because all this does is depletes the skin of moisture. It is recommended that the winter showers be limited to 10-15 minutes, ideally under lukewarm water temperatures.!

2.Don't Discount The Natural Way.

While there are many products out there that promise winter care, and are effective too, coconut oil is a natural remedy. High levels of fat in coconut oil make it an extremely effective in combating the cruelties of harsh winters. Its properties include Vitamin A and essential fatty acids, which provides the nourishment that the skin desperately needs at this time

3.Hydration Is Always The Answer

A cardinal rule when it comes to body care and skin nourishment is- hydration. Even though, the weather might demand cozy cups of coffee and hot chocolate! It is important to note, the skin is prone to more than usual dehydration during the season because of cold and dry winds.!

4.Healing From The Inside.

It is vital to feed your skin right, especially during the colder months of the year. It is a good time to incorporate ample doses of vitamins A and C in your diet, which induce production of collagen and keeps the skin healthy on the whole. !

5.Don't Forget The Lips And Tips.

Lips and the hands are often easily neglected when it comes to special care. Invest in heavy-duty lip balms, which may necessarily be fancy or flavourful. And a small tube of hand cream goes a long way from drying out your palms and fingers that are constantly exposed to the cold air. !