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Every Bridesmaid's Armour!

Wedding season is here and every bridesmaid out there is probably freaking out if they have their essentials with them or not! Look no further, we have a comprehensive checklist of the 5 things every bridesmaid needs to have at an arm's length during the wedding!

1.A Red Lipstick!

A makeup emergency can hit anytime in the middle of the wedding chaos! Keeping a popping red lipstick is a safe bet for such time! Hit up our favourite multi-brand Health&Glow at Inorbit Mall and avert a disaster!

2.An Extra Pair Of Neutral Earrings.

The dress-up race during a wedding can get a little out of hand. Which means any accident can happen. You could lose your jewelry or even the pesky little stoppers for your jhumkas. Keeping a neutral pair of earrings aside can save the day! A little birdie told us about some beautiful new designs at Shoppers Stop. Stop by for a bit, maybe?

3.A Shimmery Dress

The big fat Indian wedding is never complete without the customary cocktail party and a shimmery dress from Reliance Trends is sure to keep you all geared up for it! If you want to go all desi then we do have a stunning collection at Soch too!

4.Spare Bangles.

Much like the jhumkas, bangles have a way of bringing you as much trouble! We suggest going with the spare set of simple bangles to keep you prepared for any unfortunate incidents!

5.Hair Accessories.

When at a wedding, you can never have enough hair pins and bands! These are the last minute troubles we all go through while getting ready for a wedding. Keeping some extras in your purse sure is a wise decision!

And while you're at it, keep a pack of tissues handy for the bride as well!