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These 4 odd culinary couples will spice up your appetite

You know what's more exciting than bungee jumping, rappelling and all the other adventure sports? Trying a quirky food combination! We bring here 4 such off-beat food pairings that will take your taste buds on an adrenaline rush.

Peanut butter in the burger

You might squirm at the thought of getting a "peanut-y" taste with every bite of your burger. But as crazy as it sounds, this combination fits like the mismatched jigsaw puzzle that adds up together. So, get some peanut butter at Hypercity, Big Bazaar or Super 99 stores and smear it up on delicious burgers from McDonald's, Burger King or Coffee Culture at Inorbit. Enjoy this bold and buttery affair and may be, introduce them to your other friends as well.

A donut burger

Donuts are delicious. So are burgers. So, why not team them up to create a delicious new treat? Place your burger patty and all the other fillings on a donut and cover it with another donut. Head to M.O.D for scrumptious donuts and get your favourite burgers from Burger King, McDonald's and Coffee Culture at Inorbit. Mix and match the two and relish this exciting mashup.

Pizza with chocolate chips or Nutella

Cheese, paprika, sausages and some pepper - What else do you think will make your pizza more delicious? How about some chocolate chips or Nutella? Pick up some Nutella or choco chips from Super 99 & Big Bazar stores at Inorbit and get delectable pizzas from Pizza Hut or Domino's Pizza. Savour this Italian treat with a chocolaty twist during one of your movie nights.

Savoury pops - spicy donuts by MOD

Laced with choco chips, caramel and other sweet sensations, donuts have always been a treat for us. However, for the sugar repellents, M.O.D has something exciting on their menu – a spicy donut! Yes, you heard right! Try the cheesy savoury donuts, topped with some chilli flakes and fall in love with these not-so sweet delights from M.O.D at Inorbit malls.

Spicing up the juices with ginger or cinnamon

How about you ditch the high calorie mocktails and switch to healthier options? Get some fresh carrot juice or watermelon juice and add a dash of ginger or cinnamon and serve an exciting cocktail during your next party! Get variety of fresh juices from The Big Squeeze and HAS juices at Inorbit and make your own mix of mocktails every time.

Whether you want to add a new twist to your palate or want to have a thrilling menu for your next party, these food pairings will do the job!