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A sweet box for every sweet tooth

We can't imagine our festivals without sweets, can we? Exchanging sugary delights are the best way to share happiness with others. How about you give them a sweet box that won't be recycled and gifted to the neighbours? Here's how you can make that Diwali sweet box a memorable one.

A donut box for the sugar lovers

Why stick to the age-old laddoos to sweeten up Diwali? Surprise people around you with a box of donuts from MOD. After all, Diwali is about ringing in the new, isn't it?

Cookie jar for the little munchkins

Remember the time when you wished those decorated Diwali sweet boxes held treats other than laddoos or Gujjias? How about you make this wish come true for the kiddos in your family? Get a jar of cookies from Cookie Man at Inorbit and bring a smile to their faces.

Juices for the health junkies

Festive delicacies are full of sugar and oil and may become a difficult time for health junkies. Why should that be a barrier to enjoy the festivities? Gift healthy juices from HAS juices and more, The Big Squeeze and Organic India. Afterall, Diwali is for everyone.

A sugar-free slice of happiness

Not everyone is a fan of sugary delights. If you know someone who is missing a sweet tooth, replace those sweets with something they'd love to binge on. A scrumptious pizza from Santino's is a great alternative for sweets. Head to your nearest Inorbit to add a new twist to the traditional Diwali sweet box. This Diwali sweeten up your loved ones' life, the way they like.